Some Animated Demos:

The following demonstrations are a brief sampling of CSIM animation capabilities.
  1.   (Unzip, then execute:   go.bat ) (*)
    Rotating 3D data surface plots.

  2. AutoPlacement Animations
    Animated convergence of CSIM's auto-placement algorithm for logically related nodes, networks or sensors.

  3. Heatbugs - This model is based on a biologically-inspired artificial-life experiment motivated by
      Santa Fe Institute. The heatbugs operate independently according to their own rule-set. When placed in a population with other heat-bugs, they interact so as to optimize their own individual goals, while exhibiting emergent behaviors. This example model is included as demo6 of all CSIM distributions.

* Note:   The go.bat script in demo 1 is set to run natively on Microsoft PC's.
                On other computers, invoke WF3D as shown in the script.