Embedding GUI Option Settings in Diagram Files

You may embed option settings, such as viewing modes, into your diagram files. A convenient usage is to override the default settings of your gui_setups file for specific diagrams.

For example, if your default has show-link-attributes off (which is a convenient setting for hardware files), you can turn link-attributes on for a DFG file by placing the following directive in your DFG file:

<OPTION>   show_link_attr   on   </OPTION>
(Note the case of the <OPTION> / </OPTION> tags is important, and there must be white space after the <OPTION> tag.)

Most of the same settings available in the gui_setups file are also available for setting on a specific file basis. Specifically, the following are controllable:

	window_size_x     {#pixels}
window_size_y {#pixels}
grid_size {decimal-size}
snap_to_grid {yes/no}
show_grid {yes/no}
show_node_names {on/off}
show_node_types {on/off}
show_node_attr {on/off}
show_port_names {on/off}
show_link_attr {on/off}
background_color {black/dark-gray/medium-gray/light-gray/white}
box_display_style {solid-box/plain-skeleton/3D-border/3D-solid/3D-shadow}


<OPTION>   grid_size = 0.05   </OPTION>
<OPTION>   show_node_types off   </OPTION>
<OPTION>   show_node_attr on   </OPTION>
<OPTION>   show_port_names off   </OPTION>
<OPTION>   show_link_attr on   </OPTION>
<OPTION>   background_color = medium-gray   </OPTION>
<OPTION>   box_display_style = 3D-shadow   </OPTION>

The options must be placed outside other blocks, one per line, in .sim or .dfg files.

Additional Options: