Designating Visible Attributes

In some projects, certain custom object-attributes become particularly important, and it is helpful to make them visible on diagrams. You can designate the attributes to display within boxes, or on links, by adding a <Display_Preferences> block to your top-level diagram file. Use the <Show_box_attrib name="" /> tag to designate the name of each attribute display within box-objects. For brevity, just the value of the attribute(s) will be displayed. Use the <Show_link_attrib name="" /> tag to designate the name of attribute values to display near links.


	  <Show_box_attrib name="domain" />
	  <Show_box_attrib name="classification" />
	  <Show_link_attrib name="genus" />
	  <Show_link_attrib name="phylum" />

	<OPTION>   show_node_attr on    </OPTION>
	<OPTION>   show_link_attr on   </OPTION>

When made visible, the values of designated attributes become visible on diagrams within, or near, each object. However to be visible, the View-mode must also be set to display boxes (nodes) or links, respectively. This can be done by one of the following methods:

At any time, the respective visibility can be turned On - or - off from the View menu.

The attributes are listed in the order they were designated. If a designated attribute is not explicitly set on given object, just a comma will appear in that position as a place-holder. (This does not show inherited attribute values, just explicit settings, if any, on each object.)

These options must be placed outside other blocks, in .sim files.