LAN / WAN / SAN IP-Network Models

The LAN/WAN library consists of a set of base-models to which specific functionalities can be added. The LAN/WAN models differ from other models in that they route messages by routing-rules similar to the Internet-Protocol (IP). They can be used to study IP or TCP/IP networks. The library contains components that are typical of LANs and WANs, such as routers, switches, hubs, hosts, gateways, bridges, hosts, servers, in-line network encrypters (INEs), and other protocol converters. Each link and/or component's attributes control the respective data transfer rates, latencies, packetization, and etc.. Data traffic can be specified statistically.

An example network model called, Example_LAN.sim, is located in the $CSIM_MODEL_LIBS/lanlib directory. The LAN models are not directly compatible to the Core_Models.

To access the LAN-lib component models, import the library file in the GUI by:
      File / Import / By-Reference       $CSIM_MODEL_LIBS/lanlib/netslib.sim
Or add the following include statement to your main diagram file:
      %include   $CSIM_MODEL_LIBS/lanlib/netslib.sim

Component Models:

The following units are predefined:

	 Bytes = 1.0
	 kBytes = 1000.0
	 MBytes = 1000000.0
	 GBytes = 1e9
	 Sec = 1.0
	 mSec = 0.001
	 Mbits = 125000.0


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