Procedure for Displaying Interactively Selected Routing Paths

- Include testbox.sim in the architecture

- Compile: csim -testbox -lenient "arch.sim"

- ./sim.exe -net

- router -testbox netinfo
  (Router generates the full routes in netinfo.rte with negative port numbers
   replacing the non-numeric port. A 'portnames' file is also generated which
   maps the negative port numbers to the device port names.)

- ./sim.exe

In the simulation GUI, press Run/Cont.
  SRC/DST buttons appear on all devices and NEXT button on the monitor.
- Select SRC
- Select DST (route displayed)
- Select another SRC (route cleared)
- Select DST (route displayed)
Repeat the last two steps for the number of routes of interest
- Select NEXT (selects next alternate path)

The selected displayed routes will be stored in a file called 'displayed_routes' in
XML format. This file may be manually edited.

If you modify the displayed_routes file, you can use the modified routes in 
future simulations by:

- Recompile the architecture without the -testbox option.

- Run the router without the -testbox option.

- Run the 'routecat' utility. It appends the routes in the 'displayed_routes'
  file to the routes in the netinfo.rte file. 

- Run the architecture simulation with the new netinfo.rte file.