Generic-Blocks Examples Directory:

There are several pre-drawn examples of using CSIM's General-Blocks library functions within the csim/models_libs/general_blocks/Examples directory. Most of the examples are self contained. Simply copy the {model}.sim file to your local directory and open the GUI on it. Then just build and run the model (GUI: Tools/Build, Tools/Run). When the simulation window comes up, click the "Run/Continue" button.

Some of the examples present additional instructions for viewing the results. Others automatically pop-up result graphs for you.

Some examples require the data_structs.txt file to be copied to your local directory. Others require their own data_structs.txt file, and are therefore packaged together in a zip file. Simply unzip the package in your local directory.

Once you have run an example, feel free to experiment by modifying or extending your local copy of the example.

The following examples are contained in the Examples directory: