HLA Wormhole


Group Name: HLA
Directory: hla


Presently, the CSIM model library contains an entity called the HLA- wormhole. The term "wormhole" relates to the concept of a connection to another simulation world. The HLA-wormhole model provides the ability to:

  • * Create or connect to a federation.
  • * A federation is a group of interacting simulations.
  • * Subscribe to objects.
  • * Reflect object attribute updates.
  • * Send and receive interactions (multicast messaging).

The HLA-wormhole model also handles time synchronization and initialization with the HLA RTI transparently. It includes the ability to publish objects from a CSIM simulation to the HLA-RTI.

To use the HLA-wormhole in CSIM, a designer snaps down a HLAWormhole device. This device ensures that the CSIM simulation clock stays in sync with the HLA RTI clock. The HLAWormhole device also provides a location where a designer can graphically specify HLA parameters; for example the location of the federation object model file. Once the HLAWormhole device is in place, a designer can add other models to the simulation. Such models may be either aware or unaware of the HLA environment. Models that are aware of the HLA environment can specify the action that they wish to take for each type of HLA event they are interested in listening to.

The CSIM HLA wormhole has been tested and used on many projects.


  • fedex_name = CSIM
      The name of the federation execution to which this simulation belongs.
  • fom_config_file = fom.fed
      Path of the federation object model configuration file.

Aron Rubin