Software Animation Details and Limitations

To view the animated sofware DFG graph during simulation, use the SIM_GRAPH environment variable as in:
setenv SIM_GRAPH filename.dfg

The software links are animated and dynamically display the data amount left on the links. The default unaminated link color is violet. The animated link color is green. The data amount left on the links as a result of produce (SEND) or consume (RECEIVE) operations is displayed. If the data amount is 0, the link color is reset to the default color (violet). Otherwise, it is left green.

Animation works for viewable links within the same module (graph). Animation works for viewable links that cross module (graph) boundaries.

It works for both the static and dynamic schedulers.

Presently there are some limitations with the link animation as follows:

When displaying links that cross module boundaries:
- multiple links that are sourced by the same node but don't have port names or unique port names can result in having the wrong link animated.
- links that cross into or out of flattened modules do not animate.

Bundles may not animate.

The animated link color and value is lost when resizing or changing views until the simulation reuses the links.

DFG animation applies only to the newer core-model library models. (Found under $CSIM_MODEL_LIBS/core_models.) The core_models have special highlight calls in them to animate the DFG graphs. In contrast, the demo_exmples models do not support DFG animation. The demo_exmple models are very simplified (older) models which do not support many features. They are primarily meant for quick initial demonstrations of basic features, not for real design work.