Utilization Histogram Post-Processor Utility

-- UtilHist --

The UtilHist utility reads your summaries.dat file from a simulation run, and extracts the processor utilization information to produce a histogram (bar-chart) plot-file that is viewable with XGRAPH.

UtilHist assumes you are in the directory where you ran a simulation based on models from CSIM's Modelibs/CoreModels performance-model library, or equivalent, such as the demo_examples models. These models produce a human-readable file called summaries.dat at the end of the simulation. It contains the processor (PE) utilization results. However, summaries.dat is not in the form of a plot-file.

UtilHist first scans your netinfo file to find the ID-numbers corresponding to the names of each of your Processor Elements (PE's). It uses these numbers to determine the position on the graph's horizontal-axis to display the utilization-bar corresponding to each PE.

Next, UtilHist scans your summaries.dat file to extract the utilization results into the plot-file called, utilhist.dat. View it with, XGRAPH.


Example. To Use:
xgraph   utilhist.dat
This produces a graph as shown below.


You can further customize the histogram utility by modifying it's source-code. See UtilHist.c source for the source-code of UtilHist. It is well-commented, and includes instructions for re-compiling it.

See also Process-Utilz-Hist-PP for an alternate Process Utilization histogram post-processor.


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