View-Contention Tool

The view_contention tool examines the LinkTline.dat file produced by the CSIM's Performance Models after a simulation. It counts the contention and normal transfer events, and displays the counts to your screen. It also produces a timeline-histogram graph showing where in time the contention events occurred, and how many within each span of time.

The view_contention tool:


	view_contention LinkTline.dat

It will show the contention- and message- counts to the screen. The normal count represents the number of successful messages that went through each link. For example, if one message went through a path containing 10-links, the message count would be 10. The number of contentions indicates the number of times a message transfer was attempted at a link and was turned-away due to contention. Each retry increments the contention count.

By default, view_contention also produces a histogram graph file of the same root name, but with .hst suffix, (ie. LinkTline.hst). View the histogram by:

	xgraph LinkTline.hst


The default graph-name can be overridden by placing a second file-name on the command line. The graph will be written to that file.

By default, the histogram window (resolution) is set to 100-uS = 0.1-mS interval. The histogram integrates contention events within the window interval to determine the hight of the histogram bar. You can specify a finer or coarser window by using the -w command-line option.

	view_contention LinkTline.dat -w 0.5


	> csim/tools/view_contention LinkTline.dat

	    Writing contention histogram graph file LinkTline.hst
	        (View with:   xgraph LinkTline.hst )

	       9756 Contention Events
	      44108 Normal (Non-Contention) Transfer Events

       > xgraph LinkTline.hst

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