Download XGRAPH for LINUX

To install, just gunzip and untar:
                tar   xvfz   xgraph_4.38.tar.gz
Unpacks to XGraph directory. The executable is under the "bin" directory, called "xgraph".
A test data file, "test_xy2.dat" is in the top directory.


Make an alias to bin/xgraph in your .bashrc file:
            alias xgraph=/home/bart/XGraph/bin/xgraph

Plot data files.
            xgraph test_xy.dat

Alternatively, navigate to the bin directory in your file-browser,
and double-click xgraph. Then under the File menu, select
Read New File to pick your data file(s) to plot.

To un-install, delete the XGraph directory.

For saving graphs as images, XGraph relies on the Netpbm utilities.
If you do not have them, you can get them from Netpbm, or contact and
include the Operating System version you are using.

Notes -

  • Ubuntu Unity Desktop users - The Unity desktop attempts to move XGRAPH's menu-bar to the top of your desktop screen.
    There are several ways to suppress this feature. One method is to add the following alias to your .bashrc file:
            alias xgraph='UBUNTU_MENUPROXY=0; {path}/bin/xgraph'
    ... where {path} is the location where you unpacked XGraph on your system.
    Then open a new shell window, and you should be good to go.