Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I have XGRAPH directives, such as titles, embedded in my data files.
The Num-Utils get confused by these directives.
Is there anything I can do?
A: The Num-Utils will ignore anything prior to the Vector/Matrix identifier tag
          (ex. !<Type> Real Vector</type> )
So place the title directives above the tag-line, and both XGRAPH and the Num-Utils will happily co-exisit.

Q: I use Gnu-Plot, which uses # instead of ! for comments.
Can I use:
            #<Type> Real Vector</type>
instead of:
            !<Type> Real Vector</tyoe>
A: Yes. The Num-Utils (and XGRAPH as well) except both # and ! as comment delimiters.

Q: When I attempt to use the "shift" utility, I seem to be getting another program.
A: Unfortunately some Unix shells have a built-in command called "shift" which overrides the entry from your path.
To overcome this, you must set an explicit alias for "shift".
In csh or tcsh:
        alias   shift   /xxx/numutils/bin/shift
In bash:
        alias   shift=/xxx/numutils/bin/shift
(Where xxx is your install path.)