Examples of Using Arithmetic Library Elements

The following are two examples of using the Arithmetic Library that you can download and try. They offer a good starting-point for further experimentation.

  1. Example 1 - a simple example:

    Right-Click: Download Example-1 to save-link-as and try it.

  2. Example 2 - contains all 25 elements:

    Right-Click: Download Example-2 to save-link-as and try it.

To explore these examples:

  1. Download them to your local directory.
      (Hint: You may need to right-click the example links and save-as to download directly to a file without corrupting the file.)
  2. Open example with the GUI:      gui     example1.sim
  3. Click:       Tools / Build
  4. Click:       Tools / Run

The examples run very quickly. The following settings are suggested to see activity:

Please also see: Arithmetic Model Usage Notes.