Appendix - O

Animating Other Graphs (eg. DFG's)

Graphs other than hardware architectures can be animated. For example, it is possible to animate Data Flow Graphs (DFG's) as they execute. By default, the simulation control panel (SimView) displays the hardware architecture graph. However, you can point SimView at any other graph by setting the environment variable, SIM_GRAPH to the name of another graph file.

	setenv SIM_GRAPH application.dfg

Boxes in the new diagram can be animated by the hilite_box() function. Call this function with the appropriate hierarchical names of the boxes of the new diagram. You can call this function from within any of your models.

	hilite_box( char *box_name, int color );

The hilite_box(box,color) function is similar to the highlight_box(color) function, except that hilite_box(box,color) enables you to specify the name of another box to change its color from within any other box.

The hilite_link(box,port,color) function is similar to the highlight_link(port,color) function in the same way that hilite_box(box,color) function is similar to highlight_box(color). Both provide the ability to reference arbitrary boxes.

        hilite_link( char *box_name, char *port_name, int color );

For example, the dynamic scheduler model contains these calls to colorize DFG's when SIM_GRAPH is pointed to a .dfg file. The name of each DFG task-node is given as the name of the box to be colored when a given node fires.

You can use these basic capabilities in many ways.

To view your hardware and software simultaneously (side-by-side) on the same diagram, see Combining Hardware And Software Diagrams.

See also: Software Animation Details and Limitations.

Other Animation Functions