General Blocks Models

A library of general purpose building blocks is included under the model_libs directory, called: general_blocks. The full path is:
It contains the following categories of models.

To use these models, simply include:
by reference. It will automatically include all of the models, and it stacks them by category so the types are easily selected by library-tree.

See General-Blocks Models Tutorial for an introduction to the General-Blocks model library with instructions and examples on usage. (Newer version General-Blocks Models Tutorial.)

You should also add one Miscellaneous/Central_Utilities box to your simulation. It has no connections, but it adjusts some settings, such as animation modes, and debugging levels, to values which are appropriate for block-level modeling. You can place this box anywhere, but it is conventionally placed in a corner of the top-diagram.


Useful examples which use the above blocks are included under directory:
These are complete working and tested examples. See: Examples Readme.txt for more information about running the examples.

Hints / FAQ on Using General Blocks

See: FAQ - hints on using General-Blocks library